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We make things work at work.

We work with your employer to design benefits that keep you, your family, and bank account healthy. Our one-stop Resource Center helps you ensure you get the most out of your benefits:

  • Personal financial, benefit counseling and education
  • Individual support and knowledgeable help for you and your family
  • Big discounts for care and services
  • Group rates, tax savings, and other incentives to keep your money in your pocket

From open enrollment to all year long, our Resource Center provides personal assistance to you and your family and offers the tools, information, and resources you need. We’ll help you with some of life’s biggest challenges and important events.

We’ll help you look at what’s available to you at work and fill any gaps that are unique to your personal situation.

What do you need?

Your employer has partnered with Resource Seven to offer you personal service and the best choices at the most affordable cost.

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Smart decisions make a difference.

Our resources give you the tools & support to make smart decisions that affect some of the most important aspects of your life.

Timing is everything.

Your situation is unique whether you’re a new employee or a veteran facing open enrollment. Plus, your option to get or change coverage (at home or at work) are limited. Plus, sometimes, if you pass something up initially, you can be declined in the future. Our personal assistance helps you make important decisions.

The period of time each year when you can sign up for or change your benefits.

A (short) period of time that allows you to make changes to your elections outside of open enrollment. Special enrollment is triggered by events in your life such as birth, adoption, marriage, divorce, death, a dependent becomes too old, or you/dependents lose eligibility for coverage. Special enrollment also applies to newly hired/benefit eligible employees. Ask us to find out if you have a special enrollment and what that means to you.

Information is liberating. Let us liberate you.